Present Condition and Issues of the Food Recycling Loop in Japan

Presented by Dr. Izumi Yano; Date: 2012/11/03

In Japan, 36% of all food supply, which around 36.6 million, became as waste.  More than 12.7 million ton are product of soybean, meat, wheat, grain and others agriculture product during manufacturing and processing phase.  For example, whole sale market food waste encompasses fruit 60 ton and fishery product 720 ton; which are used for feed and compos.  Avoiding food loss was needed to develop standardization and sorting systems.  As a result, national system of food recycle was recommended to reduce food waste.  It was inaction in law amended in 2007 and it also promoted the new food recycle law for industries to raise recycling target by year 2012, as follow: 85% food manufacture, 70% food whole sale market, 45% food retailer, and 40% for food services industries.  As a conclusion, the loop is indispensable for food recycling and the biggest problem which consumer’s lack of awareness of recycle food waste resources.  In the future, it is needed to develop or seek from recycle system to recycle loops.

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