Specific Growth and Micro Elements Absorption of Orange Jasmine Under the Iron Deficient Environment

Presented by Cahyowulandari; Date 2014/01/15

Some calcareous soils are not suitable for citrus growth, including in Indonesia.  The best alternative for this type of soil is to introduce Fe to fertilize it for sustainable citrus farming.  Orange jasmine, Murraya sp, use Fe efficiently.  This research objective is to explore iron deficient tolerance response and soil calcareous.  Experiment 1 shown that increase of root biomass compare to those under sufficient Fe condition and flying dragon tended to decrease.  Meanwhile, experiment 2 shown that root growth of orange jasmine tent to increase under Fe condition.  And experiment 3 pointed out that orange jasmine could maintain the dry weight and total plant weight.  As a conclusion, food biomass increasing was since in calcareous soil as similar as in Fe deficient and it can grow in low level Fe and micro element.

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