Socioeconomic Impact of Jellyfish Blooms on Fisher in Northern California Current

Presented by Keats Conley, M.S.

Jellyfish blooms had identified in ocean coastal waters area.  It was caused by upwelling, in particular every September.  However, it has increased pressure to fishing activities since  1990.  In Nothern California, fisheries sector has an importand contributed for the communities, especially for coastal communities.  The objective of this study is to investigate socioecomic impact of jellyfish blooms.  This research used mail survey by selected 122 commercial fisher to assess the economic impact of jellyfish blooms in the region of Nothern California Current.  This study found that the jellyfish species was determined by Chrysaura fuscercen.  This species bloom was influende to the economic of fisheries; however social impact was minimal. According to the fisher, Of total respondent (n=177) 59% said that jellyfish blooms reduced their seasonal revenue; but this impact ranged considerably by fishery and location.  Some fishers reported that there was no incrase in jellyfish blooms in last five years (2005-2010).  Jellysfish bloowms was high in Central Coast of California.    Establishing an average impact of jellyfish across fisheries is a useful baseline for group of organisms whose abundance can fluctuate dramatically and unpredictably from year to year.

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