AN EFFORT TOWARD HOPE : Track Record and Contribution of ADB to Rebuild Aceh and Nias Through ETES


 Track Record and Contribution of ADB to Rebuild Aceh and Nias Through ETESP


Zulhamsyah Imran
Addie Permono
Thomas Nugroho
Rosalina Hutagaol


Praise we prayed to God the Almighty, of His grace, we are able to present this book. Hopefully, the presence of this book would be useful to all stakeholders involved in the disaster management works which frequently occur in some areas of our country.
Post-earthquake and tsunami disaster in Aceh and Nias, ADB responded quickly to provide grants of US$ 294.5 million as its commitment through Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (ETESP), which the mechanism of its implementation set forth in the Grant Agreement between ADB and the Government of Indonesia on 29 April 2005. ETESP ADB has been carried over for 5 years and 8 months to December 2010. Many experiences and lessons could be learned during the ETESP progress. This book summarizes the implementation of ETESP into 6 sections.
Chapter 1 describes the effect of earthquake and tsunami disaster, total amount and source of the grant, the objectives of the project and scope of the project area.
Chapter 2 is more focused on the description of project management principles in accordance with the guidelines of ADB and the Government of Indonesia which adjusted for post-disaster conditions.
Chapter 3 and 4 explain ETESP contribution in meeting the basic needs and develop the economic foundations of post-disaster phase which leads to recovery social and civil infrastructures, food availability and stimulate the restoration of communities’ livelihood.
Chapter 5 is an illustration of some success stories and lessons learned from the implementation of ETESP.
Chapter 6 contains important notes and guidance of project management based on experiences and lessons learned from ETESP. This book does not pretend to describe ADB contribution completely which it is such a large works, but only describes a small part of ADB’s role in helping victims of the disaster in Aceh and Nias.
We say thank you to all who has supported and were involved in the preparation of this book. We would welcome input and suggestions from readers for the improvement of this book.
Jakarta, December 2010

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